What is USAA Dental Insurance? Pro Facts

USAA is an insurance company that provides coverage to active military members, veterans, and their families. They offer different types of insurance plans, including dental insurance.

USAA partners with dental insurance companies like Cigna and Intermountain Healthcare to provide coverage options to their members. Through these partnerships, USAA members can get affordable dental insurance.

How Does USAA Dental Insurance Work?

With USAA dental insurance, you will need to choose a plan offered by either Cigna or Intermountain Healthcare. These plans are known as PPO (preferred provider organization) plans.

With a PPO plan, you pay less for dental care if you visit a dentist in their network. Dentists in the network agree to pre-set costs for procedures. You’ll need to pay a monthly premium to keep your dental coverage active. The premium amount depends on the specific plan you choose.

When you need dental care, you visit an in-network dentist. The dentist will submit your claim to the insurance company. You’ll pay your share of the cost like a copay or coinsurance based on the plan. The insurance pays their portion directly to the dentist.

What Does USAA Dental Insurance Cover?

Most USAA dental plans cover the following routine dental services:

  • Cleanings and exams – Usually covered 100% after a deductible.
  • X-rays – Plans cover bitewing and full mouth x-rays at regular checkups.
  • Fillings and extractions – Amalgam and composite fillings are covered. Simple extractions too.
  • Root canals – Covered under most plans after deductible and coinsurance.
  • Crowns and bridges – Plans may cover a portion of costs after deductible and coinsurance.
  • Dentures – Some plans offer partial coverage for dentures.

Orthodontic coverage like braces is also available under certain plans. Plans usually cover around 50% of orthodontic costs up to a $1000-$1500 lifetime maximum.

What are the Costs of USAA Dental Insurance?

Premium costs vary based on the specific plan chosen. On average, monthly premiums range from $20-$50 per person or $50-$150 for a family. Most plans require you to pay a yearly deductible, which is the amount you pay before insurance kicks in (usually $50). After the deductible, plans typically cover services at 80-100%. For services with coinsurance like fillings, you may pay 20% of the cost and insurance pays the other 80%. Out of pocket costs are usually limited each year.

Is USAA Dental Insurance Right For You?

USAA dental insurance can be a budget-friendly option for active military members, veterans and families. Plans offer comprehensive coverage for preventive, basic and some major dental services.

Just be sure to choose an affordable plan that covers the care you expect to need. Also check that your preferred dentists accept the insurance. With USAA dental coverage, you can save on the cost of dental care and budget for your oral health needs.


Q1. Who is eligible for USAA dental insurance?

A1. To be eligible for a USAA dental insurance plan, you must be an active or retired member of the military, a veteran, or a family member of an eligible person. This includes spouses and dependent children.

Q2. How do I enroll in a USAA dental insurance plan?

A2. You can enroll in a USAA dental plan during Open Enrollment periods or within 30 days of a qualifying life event like losing other dental coverage. Contact a USAA insurance agent to review your options and complete the enrollment process. They will help you select a plan and network that meets your needs.

Q3. When does coverage become effective?

A3. For enrollments during Open Enrollment, coverage is effective on January 1st of the following year. If enrolling due to a qualifying event, coverage will begin on the first day of the month following your completed enrollment. You may need to wait up to 60 days for certain services to be covered depending on the plan.

Q4. What happens if I need dental care during the waiting period?

A4. If you need major dental care like root canals or crowns within the first 6-12 months, you will be responsible for paying out of pocket until the waiting period ends. Routine preventive care is usually covered immediately.

Q5. How do I find a dentist who accepts my USAA insurance?

A5. Log in to your USAA account and select the dental plan you enrolled in. This will show you the available network dentists in your area. You can search by name, location or specialty. Make sure to verify your selected dentist is in-network to avoid higher out-of-pocket costs.

Q6. What happens if I see an out-of-network dentist?

A6. You’ll likely have to pay more of the cost if visiting an out-of-network dentist. The insurance will pay a smaller percentage of the negotiated rate. You may also have to submit your own claim and wait to be reimbursed. It’s best to see in-network providers whenever possible.

Q7. Can I switch plans during the year?

A7. In general, you cannot change or cancel your dental plan until the next Open Enrollment period, unless you have a qualifying life event. These events include moving, getting married, or having a baby. Contact USAA if you experience a qualifying event to discuss your options.


USAA dental insurance offers an affordable way for military members, veterans and their families to get comprehensive dental coverage. Plans provide benefits for preventive, basic and major dental services from a network of dentists. Out-of-pocket costs are usually lower than paying for care without insurance. The flexibility of PPO plans and convenience of DHMO plans provide good options. Maintaining oral health is important, and dental insurance can help make regular dental visits and treatments more financially accessible. USAA members should evaluate their dental needs and choose a plan that fits their budget and dental care expectations.

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