The Hidden Gems of blog You’ve Never Heard Of blog is a travel site with reviews, guides, and tips from people who have been to places worldwide. Michelle Johnson, an eager traveller who wanted to share her stories and help other travellers plan their trips, started it in 2008.

The website shows many places on all seven continents, from big cities to small towns and nature areas rarely visited. There are overviews of places to visit, travel tips, picture galleries, suggested routes, reviews of places to stay and eat, and interviews with locals. A lot of attention is paid to eco-friendly and unique vacation experiences. places were created to give people honest, in-depth travel advice and encourage them to value the world’s variety. More than a million people visit the site every month, and it’s been named a top solo travel resource. It started as a hobby, but now Myfavoriteplaces has a team of people working on it full-time.

Groups of Content

My places have many sections about places to visit worldwide. These are some of its most famous categories:

Cities: Guides to London, New York, Paris, Tokyo, and Rome are all very popular. The city guides tell you the best places to stay, eat, shop, and see at night.

Countries: Over 75 countries around the world have trip guides on The country books broadly describe the main places to visit, their history, culture, food, and travel tips.

Nature Landmarks: Detailed instructions on seeing the Grand Canyon, the Great Barrier Reef, Iguazu Falls, and other famous nature sights. The guides point out the best ways to see and take pictures of the places.

Beaches—My favourite places have lists of the world’s most beautiful beaches and other coastal spots. The beach books have details about things to do, places to stay, the weather, and what makes each beach special.

National Parks—In-depth guides to more than 100 national parks worldwide. The guides have information about the park’s background, hiking trails, camping, seeing wildlife, and taking pictures.

Other common topics include road trips, islands, adventure travel, food and drink, historical sites, best-of-year lists, and budget travel. The many categories make it easy for tourists to find information that will inspire them and help them on various trips.

Authors who helped write

A group of passionate travel writers and experts work together on to add destination guides, reviews, and travel stories. The writers come from different places and cultures, but they all love to learn about new ones.

Many writers have travelled a lot and choose to focus on certain areas because they are interested in or know a lot about them. Mike Davis has been hiking in South America for more than ten years and writes detailed guides for the Andes Mountains. Some regulars, like Janet Lee, have been all over Asia and write culture guides for places like India, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Some writers who stand out are Alicia Cortez, Ethan Wang, and Sara Brennan. Sara is an award-winning writer who writes about food and drinks. She adds delicious restaurant suggestions and food guides for big places worldwide. Adventure travel photographer, Ethan’s vivid pictures of strange landscapes, go well with his pieces about backpacking through faraway parts of the world. Finally, Alicia is a writer and historian who speaks multiple languages. Her work on Latin American heritage places gives us a deep understanding of the history and culture of the area.

The writers of help visitors get the most out of every place they visit by sharing their unique insights and personal experiences. Their love for these places comes to life through interesting stories, useful tips, and beautiful pictures.

How to Write and Some Rules

The website has created a detailed style guide to ensure that all the content it posts is consistent and of high quality.

  • A quick look at the style guide for writers
  • The style guide has editing rules for grammar, spelling, punctuation, language use, formatting, fact-checking, and more. Important parts include:
  • Use positive words and an active voice. Use passive speech sparingly.
  • Use a third-person perspective when you write.
  • Use plain English to give information that is clear and to the point. Do not use slang, clichés, or fancy language.
  • Use AP style for titles, numbers, dates, punctuation, grammar, and writing.
  • Follow the rules for spelling and using words in Canadian English.
  • Clear areas and subheadings will help readers find their way around.
  • Posts should use standard fonts, text sizes, picture placement, and other formatting.

Expected voice, tone, and point of view

The site’s voice is meant to be helpful, friendly, and encouraging. While still being serious, the tone should be positive. Writing writers should use a third-person point of view and focus on the traveller’s experience.

Rules for citations and crediting sources

  • As stated in the guidelines, content must properly credit sources using in-text citations and reference lists:
  • Include direct quotes and numbers from other sources.
  • When you take fragments of other content, include comments and analysis.
  • Make thorough lists of all the sources you used.
  • Please include links to the sources.
  • Stick to the rules for APA-style citations.
  • Get permission before using copyrighted content.
  • Label or give credit to any photographers or writers who helped.
  • Correct citation builds authority and protects against claims of plagiarism. Every post is worth reading because it has a unique analysis.

The most popular places to visit

There are travel blogs worldwide that talk about different places, but the ones that get the most traffic usually talk about the most popular places to visit. People love going to these places because they have many fun things to do and see.

London, Edinburgh, and the Lake District are some of the most popular places in the UK. Readers love getting expert tips on exploring London’s neighbourhoods, Scotland’s haunted sites, and the Lakes region’s hiking trails. These well-known places come to life in articles like “My 5 Favorite Pubs in London” and “A Local’s Guide to Edinburgh.”

A lot of people also read Beaches in Australia. People know for its beautiful pictures of the Great Barrier Reef, articles about snorkelling in the clear waters, and tips on how to treat animals with care. The blog even records one writer’s long road trip to all of Western Australia’s beaches.

Asia also has a lot of fans. Articles that get a lot of views talk about hiking the Great Wall, visiting Taipei’s night markets and historic buildings, and dressing in traditional kimonos in Kyoto. Beautiful pictures and descriptions of lantern festivals in Thailand or the lush jungles of Bali make these places impossible to ignore.

If you want to learn more about the world’s most interesting places, big towns, natural wonders, or hidden gems, is the place to go. Readers feel like they are insider travellers when they read interesting stories.

Effects and Extent is one of the most popular travel sites, with over 5 million monthly users. The site is growing very quickly; year-over-year traffic is up 30%.

Over two million people follow on Facebook, 1.5 million people follow them on Instagram, and 850K people follow them on Twitter. These platforms probably have a lot of followers because people share beautiful trip photos and videos.

Several awards have been given to the site for its high-quality material. Last year and again in 2022, won the Webby Award for Best Travel Website. It also won the Website Award for Best Travel Site from Travel + Leisure magazine in 2020 and 2021.

With its interesting articles and large audiences, has become a major player in the travel industry. The website gives people the tools to see the world and plan their trips.

Records and Archives

In 2005, posted articles about places to visit, experiences, and tips for travellers. There is a lot of information for travellers in the site’s archives, which hold material from over 16 years ago.

Readers can look through the archives by year and month to find material from a certain period. A search bar also lets you find specific places to visit or topics for articles. The search results show parts of articles that meet the search terms to help people find the most useful information.

Some interesting things about the files are:

The Food and Culture series, which ran from 2012 to 2014, had in-depth guides to food and culture worldwide.

The collection of “Road Trip Diaries” books has first-person stories and travel tips from a huge driving trip through Africa and Asia.

The Small Town Gems project, from 2016 to 2018, wrote about lovely, less well-known places in North America and Europe.

Audio and video podcasts

In addition to written guides and tools, has a lot of podcasts, videos, and other types of multimedia content. It gives visitors new and easy ways to interact with destination material.

A Quick Look at Videos and Podcasts

The website makes several podcasts that cover a wide range of travel issues. Their most popular show is the podcast Weekly Wander, where hosts talk about travel news, questions from listeners, and a new location every week. Some shows, like Family Journeys and Solo Treks, are geared toward certain tourists.

Popular recurring video parts include “Local’s Guide” interviews and “Weekend Getaways,” which show less than four-day trips. Viewers can get a sense of each place from these movies’ different points of view.

Formats and accessibility

Podcasts from are available on all major platforms, such as Apple, Spotify, and Google so that viewers can get to them on any device. For many podcast episodes, you can also find transcripts.

Videos are shared on Facebook and YouTube in short forms that work well for social media. On their website, you can also watch the full films. Their multimedia material is made so everyone can access it, whether they like reading, listening, or watching.

Guides and apps for phones

You can download a bunch of great apps and trip guides from, which is one of its best features. These are very helpful to have with you while travelling to the places listed on the site.

The mobile apps come with:

It has detailed travel guides for more than 50 world-famous places. It has maps, lists of the best places to visit, example itineraries, and local recommendations. It works on both iOS and Android.

National Parks App: This app has hiking guides, trail maps, and tools for planning for US National Parks. Great for trips on the road and experiences outside. Both iOS and Android.

Food and Drink Finder App: Find the best shops, bars, and restaurants in the place you’re going. Sort by price, reviews, cuisine, and more. Mobile-only on iOS.

The MyFavPlaces Travel Assistant app can plan your whole trip, book flights and hotels, and provide mobile maps, translations, and travel advice. It would help if you had a Mobile, web, and iOS subscription.

At, the Mobile Apps page has links to download the apps and directions on how to use them. Prices for the apps range from free to USD 4.99 for versions without ads.

When you download the apps while travelling, make sure you do it when you have access to WiFi to avoid having to pay a lot for data. Because it works offline, you can add maps, guides, and other information before your trip.

Turning on location services and alerts allows you to get suggestions for things to do based on where you are. Make progress plans for your trip with places to see, restaurants to try, and memories to keep. The apps take the worry out of travelling so you can enjoy your trip.

With’s great mobile app, you can easily find all the information you need for a great trip.

Plans for the Future has great plans for the future to grow the site and make it better for users. As the best website for travel ideas and tips, the site is dedicated to responding to user interests and comments to stay ahead of the competition.

Some important things that are going to happen soon are:

I am putting out versions of the page in other languages. By translating into Spanish, French, German, and other languages, can reach more people worldwide.

We are adding more features that let you engage. The website wants to make it easier for readers to interact with each other by adding polls, quizzes, discussion boards, and other tools for building communities.

We are getting a group of travel writers and insiders together. By hiring skilled writers worldwide, can find hidden gems and offer localized advice.

They are adding more podcasts to their list. There will be new shows about family travel, travelling alone as a woman, budget tips, and other niche themes that will give specific advice to different groups of people.

They are putting together a set of mobile apps. Apps for planning trips, getting suggestions for visiting places, and sharing photos will let tourists use while on the go.

I was making photos and videos better. Beautiful and immersive photography will continue to be a top concern as a visual medium. Adding original video material to destinations may also help them come to life.

AI is making the experience more personal. uses data and algorithms to give each reader information specifically tailored to their tastes.

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