Keiser University Health Insurance A complete Guide

Going to college means taking care of your health. That’s why Keiser University wants all students to have health insurance. Here are some important things to know about health insurance at Keiser University:

What insurance does Keiser offer?

Keiser University works with an insurance company called Wellfleet to offer a student health insurance plan. This plan is available for all Keiser students to purchase. The plan covers things like doctor visits, prescriptions, emergency room visits, and more.

Do I have to get the Keiser insurance?

For most students, Keiser insurance is not required. But there are some exceptions:

  • International students must purchase the Keiser insurance plan. This is a rule for all international students in the US.

  • Some programs at Keiser require certain insurance, like health science programs. Check your program requirements.

Can I use my own insurance instead?

If you already have health insurance through your parents or another plan, you may be able to “waive out” of the Keiser insurance. You need to fill out a waiver form and show proof that your current insurance meets Keiser’s requirements.

Not all outside plans are accepted. Make sure your insurance qualifies before waiving the Keiser plan. International students cannot waive insurance.

How much does it cost?

The cost of Keiser insurance depends on the plan you choose. On average, most plans cost between $100-300 per month. You can pay for coverage by semester or year. Wellfleet has an online quote tool to estimate costs for your specific needs.

How do I enroll?

To enroll in Keiser insurance or fill out a waiver form, visit the Wellfleet website or your student portal. There are deadlines to enroll or waive, so don’t wait until the last minute. You’ll need your insurance ID card when using your health benefits.

Keiser wants all students to be healthy and feel protected while in school. Their insurance program makes it easy for students to get covered. Be sure to review your options soon to take care of this important part of your college experience.


How much does the Keiser University student health insurance plan cost?

The cost of the Keiser insurance plan varies depending on whether you choose the bronze, silver, gold or platinum plan level. On average, most students pay between $100-300 per month for coverage. The exact premium will depend on your age, location and coverage details. You can get a free quote on the Wellfleet website to get a personalized estimate.

What services does the Keiser plan cover?

The Keiser student insurance covers a wide range of medical services including doctor visits, emergency room visits, prescription drugs, lab tests, mental health services, surgery and hospitalization. Some services like maternity care or dental cleanings may require an added rider for coverage. Check the insurance policy details for a full list of included and excluded services.

Am I required to get the Keiser University insurance?

Most students are not required to purchase the Keiser insurance. However, international students must have the Keiser plan due to visa requirements. Students in certain health science programs may also be mandated to carry the school’s coverage due to clinical placement needs.

How do I submit a waiver to use my own insurance?

To waive the Keiser insurance, you must fill out an online waiver form and provide proof of alternate coverage. Acceptable plans must meet or exceed the Keiser plan benefits. Submit your waiver documents before the deadline, which is usually 30 days after your enrollment start date.

When does my Keiser insurance coverage start and end?

Keiser insurance effective dates match your enrollment period, either the start of the fall or spring semester. Coverage typically starts a few days before classes and remains active until the last day of that semester or term. You can extend it over breaks by paying additional premiums.

What is the process for making claims or visiting the doctor?

Present your insurance ID card whenever receiving medical care. Providers can submit claims electronically. You may have a copay for visits. Download the insurance company app for 24/7 access to doctors by phone or video chat. Save receipts for prescriptions or costs to submit to insurance.

How do I renew my Keiser student insurance each year?

As long as you remain a Keiser student, your insurance will automatically renew each fall term without needing to re-enroll. However, be sure to review your plan details in case of pricing or benefit changes from year to year.


Keiser University offers affordable health insurance options for students through their partnership with Wellfleet. The Keiser insurance plan provides comprehensive coverage for medical expenses. While the insurance is not required for all students, it provides peace of mind should any health issues arise. Students should carefully review their insurance needs and either enroll in the Keiser plan or submit a waiver if using an alternative insurance. Maintaining coverage is essential for protecting one’s health and finances during college.

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